Eric Zimmett

The founder of RZR. He just can’t seem to get rid of it. Or out of journalism for that matter. Penn State sports journalism graduate & life-long Raiders fan (ouch).

Joe Buffone

A Penn State grad that RZR snatched up before he became rich & famous. Come to think of it we’re probably holding him back.

Larry Leonard

The man behind our “Upper Deck View” column. Larry has a long history with sports, Penn State and just about anything you can think of. Plus he pays for our beer.

Steve Williams

Morning Show host for WZWW in State College, Pa, and program director for three radio stations in Central Pennsylvania, Steve brings his side of the story on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mostly because Eric refuses to write about the Black and Gold. “It’s yellow,” he says.

Sheila McCarthy

With the overflow of testosterone in the RZR studios, and that whole gender discrimination thing (see JOHNSON v. TRANSPORTATION AGENCY, 480 U.S. 616), we figured we’d add a lady to the mix. Sheila shares her view of Philly sports.



One thought on “Contributors

  1. Just dropped by to check out your blog, get in touch with me.

    Posted by terry crosson | December 7, 2013, 9:12 am

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