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Super Bowl Pick

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots RZR Prediction– New York Giants 27, New England Patriots 24 Final Score–       New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14 Advertisements

Divisional picks

Seahawks @ Packers–RZR Pick: Packers W Jaguars @ Patriots–RZR Pick: Patriots W Chargers @ Colts–RZR Pick: Colts L Giants @ Cowboys–RZR Pick: Cowboys L 

Wildcard picks

Due to technicial difficulties (Internet war kaputt), we were unable to post our picks last week. But we’re back for the Wildcard round. Here it goes: Redskins @ Seahawks–RZR Pick: Redskins L Jaguars @ Steelers–RZR Pick: Jaguars W Giants @ Buccaneers–RZR Pick: Buccaneers L Titans @ Chargers–RZR Pick: Chargers W

Week 16 picks

RZR Week 16 Picks                    Win/Loss Wins: 10 Losses: 6 Steelers @ Rams–RZR Pick: Rams L Cowboys @ Panthers–RZR Pick: Cowboys W Texans @ Colts–RZR Pick: Colts W Packers @ Bears–RZR Pick: Packers L Browns @ Bengals–RZR Pick: Browns L Raiders @ Jaguars–RZR Pick: Jaguars W Giants @ Bills–RZR Pick: Bills L Chiefs @ Lions–RZR Pick: Lions … Continue reading

Week 15 picks

RZR Week 15 Picks                    Win/Loss Wins: 10 Losses: 6 Broncos @ Texans–RZR Pick: Texans W Bengals @ 49ers–RZR Pick: Bengals L Jaguars @ Steelers–RZR Pick: Steelers L Falcons @ Buccaneers–RZR Pick: Buccaneers W Seahawks @ Panthers–RZR Pick: Seahawks L Packers @ Rams–RZR Pick: Packers W Ravens @ Dolphins–RZR Pick: Ravens L Jets @ Patriots–RZR Pick: Patriots W Cardinals … Continue reading

Week 14 picks

RZR Week 14 Picks                    Win/Loss Wins: 12 Losses: 4 Bears @ Redskins–RZR Pick: Redskins W Panthers @ Jaguars–RZR Pick: Jaguars W Giants @ Eagles–RZR Pick: Eagles L Rams @ Bengals–RZR Pick: Bengals W Buccaneers @ Texans–RZR Pick: Buccaneers L Dolphins @ Bills–RZR Pick: Bills W Raiders @ Packers–RZR Pick: Raiders L Cowboys @ Lions–RZR Pick: Cowboys W Chargers @ … Continue reading

Week 13 picks

RZR Week 13 Picks                    Win/Loss Wins: 8 Losses: 8 Packers @ Cowboys–RZR Pick: Packers L Buccaneers @ Saints–RZR Pick: Buccaneers W Chargers @ Chiefs–RZR Pick: Chargers W Seahawks @ Eagles–RZR Pick: Eagles L Jaguars @ Colts–RZR Pick: Colts W Texans @ Titans–RZR Pick: Texans L Bills @ Redskins–RZR Pick: Redskins L 49ers @ Panthers–RZR Pick: 49ers L … Continue reading