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RZR Site to See

This is our first of many attempts at starting a new RZR feature. Usually we start one, then only end up doing it that one time. We’ll try to get this to at least two. So here it is: RZR’s Site to See, where we’ll post a web site that we find either informative, fun, … Continue reading

Red-Zone on YouTube

Well, not really. See, I was bored (again) so I typed in “Red Zone” on YouTube and found a bunch of random stuff. So, strictly for my pleasure, I’ll be posting those videos every now and then.  Without further adieu, here is our second “Red-Zone on YouTube” video. Long-time RZRers may remember the first. But not likely, … Continue reading

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

New Year, New Logo

Happy New Year, everyone. We at RZR thought we’d kick of ’09 with a new site logo. We might be making a couple more changes in the following weeks. And we’ll try to visit our own site a little more often, too.

Jan. 21 – Martin Luther King Day