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The earthquake that never happened

Four super-conferences. Notre Dame and Texas in the Big Ten. Texas A&M in the SEC. Florida State and Miami joining the SEC.  Kansas, Kansas State and others orphaned by the dissolution of the Big 12.

What do these things have in common?  None of them happened, and not one appears likely to happen. Media pundits across the nation were certain a seismic shift was about to take place across college football. Politicians were talking about getting involved and for a minute, a version of a playoff looked possible.Instead of a seismic shift, we have experienced a minor tremor thus far. Colorado and Utah joining the Pac-10 made sense. Nebraska, at least athletically, is a perfect fit in the Big Ten. They never felt comfortable sharing the same bed ever since Texas joined the conference in 1994, when the Longhorns jolted the Southwest Conference for the Big 8.While the realignment process may not be over, it’s certainly taking a pause. The only way the Fighting Irish join the Big Ten (or any other conference) is if they feel their run on the NBC gravy train is about to run out.

While it’s just speculation at this point, keep these facts in mind: Dick Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Sports, has children that go/went to Notre Dame. The ratings for Notre Dame on NBC from 2007-2009 were much lower than previous years. If the NBC/Comcast merger goes through, Ebersol could very well be replaced and that could lead to the contract not being renewed after the 2015 season.  This, in turn, would force Notre Dame to finally realize they were not what they once were.

But what does it matter?  It’s all idle speculation.

-Joe Buffone



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