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The circus is coming

Just wait for it.  No, not this weekend’s mini-camp.  Number 7 will not be attending, thank you very much.

We will instead get our first look at Number 1 draft choice Maurkice Pouncey, the center out of Florida, plus the pick that had Steeler nation scratching their heads.

Undersized defensive end James Worilds (pronounced worlds) from Virginia Tech.  He should be a linebacker in the current 3-4 scheme.  Penn State’s Sean Lee, whom the Steelers had targeted, was still on the board but at the last minute Pittsburgh went south.  Kinda like the whole off-season. Training camp, a bit of a circus.  Number 7 will be on hand.  When the season starts, it will be without Number 7. No Circus.  But it could be a free for all or, at the very least, not being able to tell the players without your game program.

Vendors at Heinz field must be salivating, knowing that fans will want to know more about the starting QB for the first six games.  Naturally, fans will have to make a program purchase..cha-ching.  Who knows who will start at QB.  My money is on Number 2. No, ladies and gentlemen, the circus pulls into town when Number 7 slips on his jersey sometime in October.  Hold the calliope music until then.  You may need it to drown out the boos.

-Steve Williams



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