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Cardinals pull it out in overtime

Wow. What a finish to an otherwise offensive shootout. Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby snatches mid-air a fumble/pass from the hands of Aaron Rodgers and runs 17 yards in the other direction for the game-winning score.

[I apologize for the quality of the above video. I did not capture it. I have, um, a tripod. So, BayAreaFreak1, if you’re reading this, go to Walmart and pick one up… here’s what it looks like. They’re pretty neat]

Where were we…There are a few side stories to that clip, if we had time to write about them. But the topics include: similarities to Tuck Rule (besides the fact that the ball never hit the ground), and the non-call on the hit to Rodgers, which apparently violated two rules… hit to the head and grabbing of the facemask. Should video replay be permitted in this case? 

We’ll have something resembling commentary on this soon.

Hope you caught our live updates during the game via twitter… in the nifty section to the right of this post — “RZR Mobile.” We’ll be using RZR Mobile for situations like that in the future. Or if we’re bored and have nothing interesting to say.



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