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Snuggie blankets have reached college ranks

The creators of the Snuggie Blanket should be proud: Their plan  is coming into fruition. It turns out, they are a great way to keep warm on a cool night– whether you’re out to a ball game, in the stands with a group of Snuggie-wearing parents; or on a “Snuggie bar tour.”

We ran in to the latter group Saturday night. Some Penn State students were hitting the most popular bars in State College, Pennsylvania –complete with matching blue Snuggie blankets– on the first annual “Snuggie bar tour.”


One of them had the bar stops taped to the back of his Snuggie, but sadly we were unable to get a shot of it. There were about eight students in all.

We’re not sure why they chose to spend $30 or $40 bucks per Snuggie, just for sake of a bar tour. Though I guess it’s just another reason for Penn Staters to go drinking. After all, State Patty’s Day 2010 won’t be here for another 300+ days.



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